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Live teaching for when school is closed

We are here for all your homeschooling needs

Here's how WK PODS work

In-person and virtual small-group classes provide structured learning for kids so parents can work and better manage school closures and homeschooling.

  • The homeschooling term "PODS" stands for "Parent Organized Discovery Sites", which help families come together to find other homeschoolers.  During the pandemic, most parents are homeschooling to some degree.  WK PODS was created to help families with their homeschool needs by matching certified teachers to teach pods of children.


  • The same 4 to 6 students meet regularly with the same certified teacher, grouped by grade-level, friends and school district. Larger group size is available based on comfort level of the group and teacher.


  • Preschool pods are available for children ages 2-5.  Preschools pods are taught by certified preschool teachers.  ​

  • Classes are held virtually and in-person following safe, socially-distant protocols. In-person classes are held outside as often as the weather permits.

  • Classes are customized to each individual pod.  Enrichment classes or classes that follow school's distance learning plans are available. 

  • Sessions available weekly or daily to accommodate family needs. 


  • K-12 groups, all subjects. Preschool and college-prep classes too.

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