Read about some of the amazing experiences WhizKidz Tutoring has brought to students and parents.

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“We found Kathleen, our WhizKidz tutor, at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic because we wanted our 2nd grader to have access to more live teaching, which he did with Kathleen over Zoom, initially.  Kathleen immediately connected with our son, assessed his strengths and weaknesses, and developed a customized, personal curriculum targeted to both his interests and our goals.  We have continued sessions with Kathleen over the summer and into this 3rd grade school year as we feel that these sessions are the key to making sure our son is progressing academically and receiving appropriate teacher attention during the pandemic.  Kathleen’s focus is not only the academic material, but also executive function and behavioral habits that will make our son a successful learner and student.  Kathleen is able to reinforce the concepts in the school curriculum while also digging deeper and finding more challenging applications.  Kathleen is an excellent communicator with our family, and has tweaked the lessons based on our concerns.  The experience with both WhizKidz and Kathleen has been an iterative process.  Kathleen truly enjoys teaching and delights in our son’s progress and accomplishments.  Of all the silver linings of 2020, finding WhizKidz and Kathleen is definitely #1. ”


~Jennifer, Parent of a 3rd grader ~



“I just wanted to share with you that Max took the ISEE by proctor today. When I think of how we got here and our commitment to exploring private schools, my decision to call WhizKidz was instrumental in our journey. You listened to all of my concerns and thoughts and then put me in touch with a great tutor.  Max can rest assured that he gave the applications his best shot. He has also done better at math this year thanks to his tutor. Thank you so much. It's been reassuring to know he was being stretched, especially during this time. ”


~Jessica, Parent of an 8th grader ~



“My parents just visited and asked Stephen what his favorite activity is and he said his math enrichment tutor!  The tutor is so fantastic and Stephen is so stimulated after meeting with her each week.”


~Elyse, Parent of a 1st Grade Student ~




“One of my accomplishments in 2019 is that now I love to read and love to read chapter books .”


~Nora, 4th Grade Student ~

“I see my son's classmates and their parents struggling with the same issues that we've experienced.  I hope they reach out [to WhizKidz] so that you can help them.”


~Anna, Parent of a 7th Grade Student ~

“We can't thank you enough for sending [our tutor] our way.  She has helped my daughter realize Chemistry can be fun and satisfying rather than an onerous nightmare.  And [the tutor] is so smart and beautiful, it is a bonus for our daughter to see what women in science can be!  We are very lucky to have been sent to you!”


~Shevaun, Parent of  10th Grade Student~

“The tutors really got to know me and adjusted their teaching styles to best fit my learning style.”


~Samantha, 11th Grade Student~






“WhizKidz Tutoring has been such a fantastic experience for both my children.  My son who struggled with reading and math finished the year with A average. We literally had tears of JOY! The progress he made in such a short time was remarkable. Our daughter who would rather do anything other than math finished her year with a better attitude towards the subject and had a huge improvement in her average. Our tutor went beyond her job of teaching. She complimented their abilities in such a way that they worked to their full potential. I would recommend WhizKidz to any parent looking for a tutor - you won’t be disappointed!”


 ~Seb, Parent of 1st and 3rd Grade Students~






“WhizKidz did a great job understanding my daughter’s individual needs. Her tutors really cared about making sure she understood the material in a way that made it fun for her.”


 ~Stacy, Parent of an 11th Grade Student~






“There are so many benefits to learning a second language.  My son has been taking Spanish lessons with a group of 5 peers once a week during the school year with WhizKidz.  I am so impressed with how much he has learned in such a short period of time. The teacher was great at keeping the students motivated and engaged during each class.  She was professional and the kids really liked working with her. Working with Erica to organize the group and scheduling couldn’t have been easier.”


~Lisa, Parent of a 2nd Grade Student~






“Our tutor has been a life changing academic experience for my daughter.  According to her, “he discusses the content in more depth” than her teachers at school.  She is so much more confident in the subject matter.  His teaching style makes learning fun. He is also a mentor to my daughter. We always look forward to his visits.”


 ~Liana, Mom of an 11th Grade Student~






“Wow!  WhizKidz has really helped my struggling reader/speller.  My son went from barely being able to sound out difficult words and disliking reading, to reading well and eventually above grade level!  The tutor made it a fun and positive experience. “


~Barbara, Parent of a 2nd Grade Student~






“WhizKidz Tutoring was a fantastic experience this year. Our school district does not offer a second language for kids of this grade and WhizKidz found a perfect tutor for a group of kids to have early exposure to Spanish.  The sessions were engaging and fun for the kids, in fact they have already requested to keep this going.  The experience working through WhizKidz could not have been smoother.”


~Emily, Parent of a 2nd Grade Student ~






“It was really important that my son continued with his reading development during the summer.  I contacted WhizKidz and Erica was able to quickly match my son with a great tutor.  The tutor was highly trained and very professional.  Not only did my son’s reading skills progress, his interest in reading flourished.  In September, his teacher was so impressed with his reading progress.”


~Lisa, Parent of a 2nd Grade Student~

"We absolutely love WhizKidz!  Our tutor has been working on reading and math with our first grade  twins. They absolutely love her!  The have mastered key math and reading concepts to help them raise to, and surpass, grade level.  She makes learning fun and cares tremendously about their growth and success.  She is very creative at finding techniques that work with their different learning styles.  We can't thank WhizKidz enough for helping our family and making learning fun!"

~Sarah and Anthony, Parents of 1st Grade Students~