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Professional Services

You can count on WhizKidz Tutoring to help boost your child's confidence in school, develop a healthy relationship with learning, and improve grades in every subject.  Learn more about the wide range of services we provide from Pre-K - 12th grade.  

Individual Tutoring: Elementary and Secondary

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every subject offered in school.  We have tutors in everything from Art to Foreign Language, from Reading and Writing to Biology and Chemistry.  Tutoring starts as early as Pre-K and goes through 12th Grade. We also have tutors who specialize in Wilson's Reading System and Writing Revolution as well.  

Group Tutoring: Elementary and Secondary

We offer small group instruction across every subject. Groups typically range from 2-5 students.  Group lessons are a great way to reduce cost and give your students the help they need in a fun, dynamic setting. We have tutors who specialize in Wilson's Reading System and Writing Revolution as well.  

Test Prep

Our experienced tutors can help prepare students for exams such as ISEE, SAT, ACT, Regents, Midterms and Finals, as well as tests throughout the school year.  Test prep lessons are available for individuals and groups.

Executive Function Coaches

We have executive function coaches who can help students become self sufficient individuals. Executive function coaching focuses on working memory, flexible thinking, and impulse control. Students will learn to manage life, organize school tasks and achieve goals.

Life and Social Skills Coaches

Life and social skills coaches help students who struggle socially and need help interacting and communicating with peers.  Interpersonal skills such as active listening and delegation are interwoven into play centered activities and role play.

College Essay Writing 

We have college essay writers who can assist your college bound student in telling his or her story.  Most college essays are unforgettable.  Our College Essay Experts can help your child from planning to editing an essay that shines through. 

College Admissions Counselors

Our one-on-one college admission counselors help reduce stress and guide families towards the right fit for your child.  Counselors help with project management of the application process from start to finish.  

Speech and Language Services

Private evaluations and in-home speech and language sessions offered for student Pre-K through College.  We provide services for articulation, stuttering/fluency, receptive and expressive language, auditory processing disorder, tongue thrusts/myofunctional disorder, and pragmatics.